TitroLine® 5000, set 2 electrode and pH buffer set
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TitroLine® 5000, set 2 electrode and pH buffer set

The titrator TitroLine 5000 is a very easy to use automatic titrator for pH and mV titration.
The titrator has saved standard methods for easy use and a sample can be titrated in just a few minutes. The result is displayed on the screen, but it can also be output as a PDF-file that is accessible by USB.

Applications: current acid-alkali titrations such as acid capacity, nitrogen according to the Kjeldahl method and total acid in wine and beverages.

The set consists of a pH combination electrode (A7780), buffer solution pH 4.00 and 7.00, support rod, electrode/burette tip holder, hose kit and titration syringe, test tubes, magnetic stirrer, magnetic stirring rod, screw cap bottle with GL 45 thread, NS 14.5/M8x1 adapter, drying tube, USB data cable and mains adapter.

Max. pistron stroke: 20 ml
Volume range: 0.000 - 9999.999 ml
Display resolution: 0.005 - 0.025 ml
Dosing speed: 40 ml/min.
Dosing accuracy: 0.15 % (systematically) and 0.05 % (incidentally).
pH measuring range: -3 to +17 (resolution 0.01, accuracy ±0.05).
Voltage measuring range: -1900 to +1900 mV (resolution 1 mV, accuracy ±1 mV).
Temperature measuring range: -30 to +115 °C (resolution 1 °C, accuracy ±0.5 °C).

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Typ TitroLine 5000, set 2