Sales conditions

  1. All goods and services supplied by us shall be subject to the following general terms of sale and delivery.
    The buyer’s terms of purchase, if any, shall not apply to us unless submitted in writing and signed by us.

  2. All orders shall be executed based on these general terms of sale and delivery and any written agreements that may exist.
    Amendments thereof shall only be binding if agreed in writing. Orders shall be received subject to acceptance by our suppliers.
    We reserve the right to change the specifications of all our products.

  3. All goods shall be supplied at the prices in force on the dispatch date. Prices stated in price lists and quotations may be changed without prior notice.

  4. We shall decide on the means of transport to be used unless otherwise agreed with the buyer. Goods shall be sent for the buyer’s account and risk.
    We shall prepay carriage/postage but add it to the invoice. We do not insure our consignments.

  5. Shipment costs will be added to the invoice.

  6. Delivery dates shall not be binding even if stated on the order and confirmed by us, as they are dependent on our subcontractors’ stocks or
    delivery options. We shall endeavor to comply with the delivery dates quoted but accept no liability for any delays.
    The buyer shall not be entitled to damages if the delivery date is postponed. In so far as delivery is impossible owing to force majeure, we may postpone delivery indefinitely
    or cancel the order without notice without incurring liability in damages. Force majeure shall include strike, lockout, insurrection, revolution, siege, war, epidemic,
    extraordinary government intervention, transport and/or production difficulties, import and export bans, conflagration, insolvency on the part of the subcontractor and other similar circumstances.
    Quoted delivery times are to be calculated from the date on which all the information and materials – including approved drawings and proofs – necessary for performance of the order are available.

  7. Goods and services shall be paid for without cost to us by the date specified on the invoice. If payment is not received on time, we shall be entitled to charge interest on the
    due amount without a demand or legal order. We shall also be entitled to cancel all agreements concluded and suspend all further deliveries, which shall not release the buyer from his obligation to pay the due amount, including accrued interest, however.

  8. All goods delivered remain the property of Frisenette ApS until full payment has been made.

  9. In so far as the goods supplied are not in accordance with the order/delivery note or in the event of damage
    that is not visible from the outside, the buyer shall inform us thereof immediately. If the buyer fails to do so, even though the buyer discovered or ought to have discovered the defect, he may not subsequently make a claim in respect thereof. In so far as the goods are visibly damaged on receipt, it shall be incumbent on the buyer to complain to the carrier. All defects or damage shall be remedied by us as quickly and cheaply as possible, but only provided the above conditions are met.

  10. Goods supplied correctly may only be returned by prior agreement, carriage paid and subject to a 25% crediting fee. Returned items must be returned in original packaging, unopened and in the same condition as on delivery.
    Custom made or specially made items cannot be returned.
    Complaints must be made within 8 days of delivery. Goods supplied incorrectly may be returned by prior agreement for our account. If goods are delivered in a damaged state, complaint must be made to the carrier, NOT us. The goods must be sent carriage paid, unless we have made a mistake, quoting the delivery note or invoice number, and be in the original packaging.
    They must not be marked, stamped or labelled in any way that will prevent us from reselling them. Goods made to order shall only be taken back if defective.
    A defect or product defect, is not considered to exit if the buyer has used the delivered product incorrectly or inappropriately, disregarded informed guidelines provided from Frisenette ApS or subcontractors of the product. If the buyer or third party without Frisenette ApS consent has had defects rectified or interfered with the delivered product or item, this is also not considered as a defect or error from which Frisenette ApS, can be hold responsible for. Information from Frisenette ApS or its suppliers about the use and usability of products is only indicative and Frisenette ApS is not responsible for whether the delivered, meets the buyer’s needs or purpose of use, unless Frisenette ApS has given explicit and written commitment to this.
    Supplier guarantees apply to the terms contained in the B2B legislation within the Danish market, which is 1 year right of complaint. Only exceptions are If the manufacturer provides an extended or additional warranty for the product. Then this warranty overrules the 1 year right of complaint.

  11. We shall be exempt from liability in the event of resale to the USA and Canada.

  12. Marketing
    By accepting our sales conditions, you consent that Frisenette ApS is allowed to send marketing material to you by e-mail about products which are sold directly by Frisenette ApS including news, offers, sales, competitions, events and other kinds of marketing initiatives. Withdrawal of consent: If you have given consent to receive marketing material from us, you at any time can decline when such material is received, or you can contact us at