Cellulose Acetate (CA) membranes
Composition: Mixture of cellulose triacetate and diacetate
Characteristics: Low static charge and high strength
Sterilizable: May be repeatedly sterilized without loss of integrity or change in bubble point
Clean: 0.1wt% aqueous extractables
Relative to MCE membranes:

  • Improved solvent resistance to low molecular weight alcohols
  • Better heat resistance
  • Lower protein binding


  • Enhanced recovery of fastidious gram positive organisms
  • Filtration of enzyme solutions
  • Diagnostic cytology
  • Receptor binding studies

Coated CA membranes
Composition: CA cast onto a non-woven polyester support.
Characteristics: Non-fiber releasing.
Low protein binding relative to nitrocellulose.
Low static charge matrix with enhanced chemical compatibility to low molecular weight alcohols
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Use as a clarifying filter or prefilter