Suction Systems

Suction Systems

Space-saving and easy-to-use suction systems

Lafil series suction systems save, depending on type, 50-65 % bench space by integrating vacuum sources, waste bottle and suction kit into a system.

The suction systems are designed with a fence-like platform that prevents users from accidentally tipping over the waste bottle.

Two sizes, Lafil 100 and Lafil 200, which both are available as eco, models which stops when max. vacuum is reached and starts again when needed. Due to it’s limited size, Lafil 100 is advised to use in laminar flow benches.

Lafil 200 is supplied with different suction kit versions, either Plus or BioDolphin.

*Lafil 200 allow two suction kits to be used at the same time.


  • Cell culture aspiration
  • Laboratory waste suction


Lafil 100 200 Suction System v20210903
Lafil 100 200 Suction System v20210903