Lafil 300C-VF-12

Lafil 300C-VF-12

Consists of:
1 x Lafil 300C vacuum pump (197330-22)
1 x VF12 glass filter holder, adaptor and 1 liter bottle (167200-12)
1 x silicone support ring

This system is recommended for filtration and degassing of HPLC mobile phases.
Filter holder has sintered glass filter support.
Receiver bottle stands safe in a silicone ring and cannot overturn.
The bottle has standard GL 45 thread for screw cap. No need to pour the filtrete like e.g. from a suction flask.
The pump is coated with PTFE inside which extends the lifetime of the pump.

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Lafil 300C-VF12 PTFE Coated Chemical Resistant Vacuum Filtratio...
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