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Conductivity meter

Conductivity meter

FiveEasy F30 standard for medium to very high conductivity. Delivery incl. LE703 with integrated temperature gauge.

  • Measuring range 0,01 - 200 S/cm
  • Temperature: 0 to +80 °C
  • Length 120 mm
  • Space-saving design, user-friendly menu

ProfiLibe 3110 Robust and waterproof conductivity meter with parallel temperature display. Delivery incl. TetraCon 325 four-pole conductivity measuring cell, professional case with integrated measuring space and separate pockets for accessories, tripod, measuring beaker, test soltions and batteries.

  • Measuring range 0 - 1000 S/cm
  • Temperature: -5 to +105 °C
  • Length 180 mm
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Type: FiveEasy F30
Antal / pakning: 1
Benchtop conductivity meters FiveEasy F30 - standard kit
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Type: ProfiLibe 3110
Antal / pakning: 1
Portable conductivity meters ProfiLine Cond 3110 set
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