pH Electrode InLab Ultra-Micro-ISM
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pH Electrode InLab Ultra-Micro-ISM

Origin of Precision

A glass-body, micro combination pH electrode with MultiPinTM head and ISM. Ideal for measuring in very small vessels such as vials, micro plates and cuvettes.

Small shaft for small samples

The slim shaft diameter allows measurements of very small sample volumes.

ISM® - Intelligent Sensor Management

All the important information is stored in the sensor and transferred automatically to the meter. The ideal support for fast and safe results.

ARGENTHALTM - For a long electrode life

The ARGENTHALTM reference system uses silver-ion-free electrolyte. Thereby is no danger of the junction becoming blocked by sulfides or proteins.

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Artikelnummer 30244732
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30244732InLab Ultra Micro ISM
30244732InLab Ultra Micro ISM